Ancient Chersonesus.

Ancient Chersonesus was the last Greek colony emerge on the north coast of the Black Sea: it was founded in 422 ВС. In the words of Cicero it Was like a border sewn on the barbarian lands.

Chersonesus (Peninsula), was so named for its location on a peninsula between two bays. The city existed for 2,000 years. Agriculture, construction, pottery-making, bone-carving, and some other crafts flourished in Chersonesus.

Chersonesus was a slave-owning democratic republic.

Medieval Chersonesus or Cherson was chief Byzantine bastion in the Crimea until the 13 century when Byzantium began to decline and the Golden Horde had established its rule.

The city withstood numerous Tatar assaults and rose from the ashes many times.

One assault it did not survive, though, that of Khan Edighei at the end of the 14th century. Cherson was left in ruins.

Chersonesus was well-known in the ancient world. Korsun — the Russian name to the city. Chronicles record that Russian Prince Vladimir laid a lengthy siege to Korsun and took it by storm in 988. Here he accepted Christianity (c.989) and established the Greek Orthodox faith in Kiev.

A collection of exhibits was begun in Chersonesus at the end of the 19th century. The first excavations were conducted in 1827 by order of the Commander of the Black Sea Fleet Kruse. He was a well-educated man and understood the significance and value of the ancient place.

The finds were kept in a small storehouse on the shore of Karantinnaya Bay.

The excavation work was headed by K. Kosciushko-Valyuzhinich, who was so devoted to the cause of exploration of Chersonesus.

While visiting Chersonesus you can see his grave with a white marble column on a grey stone pedestal.

Chersonesus has been explored for over 170 years. It has become a major research and educational establishment.

Today the visitors can stroll along the ancient streets and squares, admire the white marble columns on the seashore and examine the museum exhibits.

The picturesque landscapes of Chersonesus attract many tourists. They come in any season to sее with their own eyes the mosaic panels and marble columns, painted pottery and tombstones of residents of Chersonesus.

This ancient city that stood for 2000 years has a peculiar character. 11 never fails to fascinate the visitors.



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