Animals’ life in the Crimea.

Scientists believe that there may be as many as 30 million different living organisms in the world. About 5000 of them are wide mammals, 8,000 birds, 6,000 — reptiles, 2,000 -amphibians. As for the Crimea, there are about 55 species of wild animals, 300 species of birds, 14 species of reptiles and 6 species of amphibians.

Besides in the fresh water reservoirs dwell 30 species of fish, and 10,000 species of invertebrates. All the mammals are subdivided into orders: Insectivore -6 species, Chiropters -18 species, Rodents — 14 species, Predators — 8 species, Cetaceans — 3 species, Artiodactyls — 4 species.

Distribution of animals in the Crimea is uneven. It is determined by different landscape conditions and the degree of exploration of the territory of the peninsula. The common mammals of the steppe Crimea are the rodents. The harvest mouse, gopher, hamster are active day and night, feeding on a diet of seeds. Their enemies are polecat, marten and fox. Read more… 

In 1961 wild rabbit was brought to Tarkhankut peninsula. Lately wild boars pass from the mountains to the steppe area.

Rich and varied is the world of birds in the Crimea, especially waterfowl. Their habitats are Sivash and the Karkinita Bay. Grey heron, quake, crane, pelican, curlew, sea-gull make their nests in reed thickets.

In the steppe one can meet bustard, lark, quail. But their number is reduced due to intensive ploughing and usage of agricultural chemistry. Of the birds of pray owl, eagle-owl, eagle are known. They feed on rodents.

The forest are inhabited by common starling, bull finch, gold finch, finch, turtle-dove, woodpecker, jay and very seldom there are eagle and vulture.

Fauna of the Crimean mountains is richer than fauna of the steppe part of the Peninsula. Indigenous inhabitants of the Crimea’s forests are roe and deer. Other hoofed animals are wild boar and European moufflon. Whereas wild boar has explored all the territory of the mountain Crimea, moufflons are rare — they can’t stand snowy winters.

Insectivores are represented by 16 species of bats and three species of shrew; rodents — by squirrel, gray and black rat, forest mouse and vole-mouse.

Of predators there have been preserved some kinds of badger, marten and fox. About 60 years ago the last wolf was killed in the Crimea.

The Southern Coast is distinguished by a great number of reptiles and invertebrates. Among them are Crimean gecko, viper, Esculapean snake, and grass snake.

The animal life of the Crimean Peninsula is very fragile.

To conserve its diversity is now one of the most important tasks for the people.

Most of us would agree that we have a moral duty to protect the animals that share the habitat with us.

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