Рубрика ‘Крымские войны’

Евпаторийский десант 5 января 1942 года.

Картина художника Виктора Пузырькова «Черноморцы» (1947 год).

Картина художника Виктора Пузырькова «Черноморцы» (1947 год).

5 января исполняется 70 годовщина со дня высадки Евпаторийского десанта.

5 января 2015 г. прошла реконструкция высадки Евпаторийского десанта

В конце 1941 года Северо-Кавказский фронт успешно вёл военные действия за освобождение Керченского полуострова, планировалась высадка десанта в нескольких населённых пунктах побережья Крыма.

Тактической целью Евпаторийского десанта советских войск, высаженного 5 января 1942 года, было отвлечение вражеских сил от осаждённого Севастополя и Керченского полуострова. (далее…)

Songs and Poems of the Crimean War, 1854-1856

This is one of the many broadsides that circulated after FN achieved fame in the Crimean. A broadside was a song or poem printed on a sheet of paper and sold on the street for a very small sum, often about current events.
A poem from the famous English satirical magazine Punch published during the time of the Crimean War, 1854-1856, when Miss Florence Nightingale and her nurses were nursing English Soldiers for the first time in English history. Since this poem is 150 years old, the language, the punctuation, and the spelling may be unfamiliar; you may need to use a dictionary.
The Nightingale’s Song to the Sick Soldier

Listen, soldier, to the tale of the tender nightingale,
‘Tis a charm that soon will ease your wounds so cruel,
Singing medicine for your pain, in a sympathetic strain,
With a jug, jug, jug of lemonade or gruel.

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Sevastopol’s Monuments of Glory.

There are many monuments of Glory in Sevastopol. The Monument to the Scuttled Ships became an emblem of Sevastopol

During the Crimean war (1853-56) Russian sailing vessels were scuttled at the entrance to the Northern Bay in 1854 and 1855 in accordance with the order of admiral Nakhimovto obstruct the enemy ships the entrance to the roadsteads and so to save Sevastopol». (далее…)


Balaclava («Fish Nest») is a splendid and beautiful 3000 years old town situated in a small cozy bay. The sea coast of the bay were inhabited from the ancient times.

The ancient Greeks who settled here in 422 called it Syumbolon Limpe that is Harbour of Signs or Presage.

The Tauriset fire on the coast to attract the ships sailing by. The ships were robbed and the seafarers had to be sacrifices on Cape Phyolent in the temple of their goddess. It is believed that it was the port of lestrigones Lamosa.

In accordance with mythology the lestrigons were cannibals whom Odysseus and his fellows met during their voyage. (далее…)

Sevastopol at the Crimean War 1853 – 1856.

Sevastopol is a city of the wonderful destiny and history.

It was founded in 1783 as a new fortress and got the name of Sevastopol which in Greek means — “a city worth of worship”.

The city has justified its proud name; it has become a symbol of military valor and unexampled heroism. The Crimean War (October 1853 – February 1856) was a conflict fought between the Russian Empire and an alliance of the French, the British, the Ottoman Empire, and the Kingdom of Sardinia. (далее…)

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