Glade of Fairy Tales and Zoo in Yalta.

There is a distinctive open-air museum — Glade of Fairy-Tales (“Polyana Skazok”) in Yalta. It was founded by folk artists Pavel Pavlovich Bezrukov in 1960 . The Glade of Fairy-Tales is situated at the foot of Stavry-Kaya cliff (“Cross cliff”) on the right bank of the Vodopadnaya Stream (“Waterfall stream”). There is a wonderful collection of wooden sculptures on fairy-tale theames.

It is an open air museum with a collection of 300 wooden sculptures, the personages of the popular Russian and Ukrainian fairy-tales, Crimean and Greek legends, many beloved cartoons heroes. They were made by 56 professional artists and skilled craftsmen from Yalta, Simferopol, Kiev, Moscow, Pervouralsk (Russia), Vilnus (Litvenia), Erevan (Armenia).  

You can see fantastical fairy-tale characters transformed from old stumps, logs or roots.

At the entrance thirty mighty heroes stand on guard defending the rest of the inhabitants of the glade.

A hut on the hen’s feet, a mermaid and a wood sprite, Ivan Tsarevich and the Grey Wolf, the Fire-bird, Baba-Yaga and Kashchey Immortal — these are the figures from Slavic fairy tales which you will meet in the Glade.

Lesoviki — little wood dwarfs — are under the branches of a Crimean oak whispering something to each other. They look funny and amusing! The cracked stump of an old horn-beam tree, gnarled roots and moss helped to make the head of a fairy-tale giant. What a funny Hedgehogs! They look as if they have been made of a whole piece of wood occasionally found in the forest. Listen to them and you will hear a lot of their secrets.

Here is Solovei-Razboinik. The artist left the bark on the ash wood he covered the figure from, and it recalls the plumage of half-man and half-bird who was Solovei -Razboinik (“Nightingale-Robber”).

The figure of the bogatyr Svyatogor (the epic hero), the hero of many Russian bylinas (folk epics and legends) is impressive and majestic. A lot of different materials were used for the creation of fairy-tales personages — Crimean diorite, Urals marble and ceramics. The bogatyr’s shield, sword and helmet are made of hammered brass and his hauberk of pebbles from the Yalta beaches.

On one of the glades you can see the Bears. All are calm and content but the little Bear is sad. Somebody has eaten from his bowl! This sculpture was made of concrete.

Next to Ivan-the-Peasant’s-Son there is Teremok – the fairy-tale House in the Wood. It is hidden under the Pine tree branches. Artist Sergey Fyodorov has made it in the manner of old Russian wood — carving. The ouse has been decorated with a tracery chimney and ridges on the roof.

It’s hard to describe all the exhibits of the Glade of Fairy Tales.  People and nature have created a wonderful country of childhood — Fairyland.

Hundreds of tourists will have the goodimpressions about this unusual placein their memories.


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3 Responses to “Glade of Fairy Tales and Zoo in Yalta.”

  1. John:

    This sounds and looks like a fascinating place to visit; thank you for putting it on-line.

  2. admin:

    You are welcome, John! Crimea is a wonderful land…

  3. adam:

    i was here as a kid in 1982, i still have some pictures of it… glad it still exists.

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