Lesia Ukrayinka in the Crimea.

The name of Lesia Ukrayinka went down in historv of the Ukrainian literature equally with the names of т Shevchenko and I. Franko.  Lesia Ukrainka’s poems were written in the Crimea. Lesia Ukrayinka lived in Yalta, Yevpatoria, Saki Balaclava and visited Bakhchisarai. 

For the first time she came to Yalta in 1888 when she was 17. In Yalta she created a series of poems «Travelling to the Sea» and «The Crimean Memoirs».

In January 1897 Lesia Ukrayinka again came to Yalta. The young poetess writes her first dramatic work «Iphigenia in Tauris».

In 1907-1908 Lesia Ukrayinka the third time came to the Crimea. She lived in Balaclava, Yalta and Yevpatoria.            Read more…

Though her health in this period became worse she worked much and fruitfully at the dramatic poems «Cassandra», «In the Virgin Forest», the drama «Rufin and Priscilla», «The Sunny Land,» «At the World’s End and Azure Aureole», «The Land Ineffably Beautiful» — all these epithets are given by the poetess to the Crimea.

The final part of the poem «The Fragments of a Letter» describing a wonderful flower which had broken through the rock on Ai-Petri sounds symbolically:

«We, poets, should call it

a «rock-breaker».

It is worthy of respect


Then the magnificent laurel…»

The life itself of Lesia Ukrayinka was like that Ai-Petri rock-breaker flower.

Her Crimean poems are full of dreams of freedom and eternal Beauty.

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