St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral.

In 1774 there was a small temple St. Nicholas, the patron saint of seafaring and trade, which was built by the Greeks living in the city Evpatoria.

In  1779 city Gezlev escaped the plague due to Alexander Suvorov commanded to stringent mandatory quarantine for the new-comer people and  goods imported to the city.  Russian soldiers have repaired all city’s public baths, fountains and city wells. Taking baths for the soldiers and locals citizens were compulsory  and free of charge. Suvorov visited the St. Nicholas Cathedral in Evpatoria for singing in the Cathedral choir.

1783, April 8, Russian queen Catherine IIissued a decree about theannexation of Crimea toRussia and  Gezlev was renamedinEvpatoria.

A new St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral in Evpatoria was designed by architect Alexander Bernardazzi and consecrated by bishop Nikon on February16, 1899.

The Soul of the temple construction was  Archpriest of Evpatorian Orthodox Cathedral  Iakov Chepurin.

St. Nicholas cathedral has been built in a memory of the liberation of Evpatoria from the Anglo-Franco-Turkish troops during the Crimean War, 1853-1856.

Rector of the cathedral was the priest Theodore Turovsky. Orthodox Cathedral of St. Nicholas are ready to contain 2000 believers.

On May 16, 1916 St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral in Evpatoria was visited by Russian Emperor Nicholas-2 with his royal family.

St. Nicholas Cathedral is the center of the architectural appearance of Evpatoria and a wonderful decoration of the city sea coast.  

There are three  Christian church   in Evpatoria:         

 Свято-Николаевский собор.    — St. Nicholas Cathedral

Храм святого пророка Илии.‘  — the Church of St. Ilya.

Храм Святителя Луки в Евпатории.‘ — the Church of St.. Luke

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