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Maximilian Voloshin.

Maximilian Voloshin at the age of 15 in 1893 visited Koktebel and fell in love with the beautiful land forever. He found the colours to express the Cimmerian landscape of the Crimea in painting and poetry. His house was visited by many famous writers, poets and artists: Veresayev, Alexander Grin, Ilia Erenburg and Alexey Tolstoy.

Maximilian Voloshin gave his own big house to his friends — writers, artists, poets, who visited him in hot summer and mild autumn. Maximilian helped them to keep their health and they lasted their creative work.

Mikhail Bulgakov, best known as the author of `The Master and Margerita’, was invited to come and stay in the house in Koktebel by Voloshin after his first novel `The White Guard’ began to be serialised in the journal «Russia» in 1925.   Read more… (далее…)

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