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Царство ароматов Крыма

чай-gyogynovenyekЕсли вы бывали в Крыму, то, конечно, замечали, что самый популярный крымский сувенир душистые ароматические эфирные масла Крыма. Эфирные масла – это не лекарства, не духи, не пищевые добавки, но в то же время, они могут стать и тем, и другим, и третьим. (далее…)

The Crimean endemics.

The natural conditions of the Crimea are rather various.

The seaside slopes resemble the landscapes of many countries: Greece, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

The higher plants number more than 2400 species, 240(10%) of them are endemics. There are more than 400 species of vertebrates, i.e. having the spinal column, 20 % of them are endemics. All Crimean endemics are listed in the Red Data Book.

In the biological respect the Crimea is an island. The salty littoral of Sivash is an insuperable obstacle for the most of species. So some neoendemics appeared.

Some of the Crimean endemics are still usual species: folded snowdrop, Crimean edelweiss, Crimean finch, black-necked jay, field vole of Iphigenia, Crimean black fox, Crimean carabus, and Crimean rodent. (далее…)

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