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Evpatoria is situated on the Black Sea Coast of the Western Crimea. «Evpatris» translated as «born of the glorious Father», «noble. «

In the VI-V th century ВС ancient Greeks founded Kerkinitida near a bay and salt lakes.

In the IV century BC Kerkinitida was the province of Ancient Chersonesus — the last Greek colony in the Crimea.

In I -III centuries Kerkinitida became a province of the Eastern-Roman Empire.

From the IV century AD the Crimea exposed the raids of nomadic tribes of Gott, Huns, Pechenegs, Khazars, Polovets. From 500 to 1000 AD, Kirkinitida was a small settlement.

In 1475 (15th century) Ottoman Turks invaded the Crimea, from this time the Russian merchants in the Azov and Cafe were subjected to harassment. (далее…)

Playground of the tsars

National Geographic Magazine: The Crimea is  the Best of the World 2013

«Russia needs its paradise,”  Prince Grigory Potemkin, Catherine the Great’s general, wrote in 1782 urging the annexation of Crimea, and no wonder.

The Crimean Peninsula, with its voluptuously curved Black Sea coast of sparkling cliffs, is paradise—with Riviera-grade vistas but without Riviera prices. Balmy with 300 days of sun a year (“It is never winter here,” said the writer Anton Chekhov, who had a dacha near Yalta), the place served as the playground of tsars and Politburo of  USSR. (далее…)

Подводный музей Тарханкута.

Аквалангисты и подводные охотники давно облюбовали Такханкут, как лучшее место для дайвинга в Крыму.   Живописные  скалистые берега и экзотическое морское дно, полное тайн и неожиданных открытий привлекают к себе любителей дайвинга. На морском дне покоятся останки кораблей, потерпевших когда-то кораблекрушение, среди подводных скал можно увидеть обломки греческих амфор, монеты, старинное оружие разных веков . (далее…)

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