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Evpatoria is a city of museums.
Local History Museum in Evpatoria was created on February 1, 1921 in the former mansion of the merchant Y.M. Gelelovich, built in 1912 in the Moorish style.

The museum was established in 1921 in the former mansion of the merchant Gegelovych. The building was considered an important monument of architecture and urban development. Later in the same year the “Museum of antiques” was opened to the general public.

Муз-1914-особняк Гелеловича-1921-музей+пушки-1877

The collection of the Museum was formed with pieces of archeology, numismatics, porcelain, antique books and art objects. All together there are about 2000 pieces. In 1933 the name was changed to Evpatorian Local History Museum”. During the German occupation a part of collection was removed. Restoration of the Museum began in 1944.

The most significant display in the Museum is the collection of archaeology, which includes nearly 40 pieces. The exhibition reflects the natural history of north-western Crimea, the 25 century-long history of Evpatoriya and its resorts. Today the Museum houses approximately 90 thousand articles and is visited by over 80 thousand annually. The museum organizes lectures, culture events, subject excursions, and conferences.



10-музей вина








The Museum of the Crimean War, 1854-1856

The Museum of the Crimean War, 1854-1856

Entrance fee — from 20Hr, children — 10Hr.



World Art and Sculpture Museum

The main exhibition of the museum can be found outside under the open sky – the purpose is to combine two themes: Contemplating art and breathing fresh marine air. The sculptures depict different images: from the Crimean and Yevpatorian schools, to reproductions of world renowned masterpieces. There is a special attraction for children – displays of animals, cartoons and fairy-tales heroes. There are plans to put a covering on the museum, where small sculptures and art objects will be exposed.

Entrance fee — from 20Hr, children — 10Hr.

парис и елена

16-гезлёвские ворота

макет Кезлевской крепости - 5 мх9 м


Entrance fee — from 20Hr, children — 10Hr.




нац.космический центр




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